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C O V I D - 19

COVID-19 and your stay at The Lodge B&B

This page will be regularly updated as new advice emerges.





Government guidelines state that the owners of hotels and other guest accommodation have a legal duty to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level. At The Lodge we have endeavoured to comply with these guidelines by undertaking a risk-assessment of our procedures and adapting them so as to expose our staff and customers to the minimum amount of risk from COVID-19.


We have put together this short page outlining how we will be operating during the coronavirus pandemic. Please read it and make sure that you are familiar with what to expect. We appreciate that some of these measures may be a little inconvenient, but we ask that you please bear with us so that we can provide our best quality of service to all our visitors while doing our utmost to keep everyone safe.



You can book with us via the website, by phone, or as normal. Please note that under the current social mixing restrictions if you intend to share a room you must be from the same household or support bubble.

If you do have to cancel your trip at the last minute due to illness then please contact us. Our general booking policy means that we are happy to provide a full refund if you cancel within three days of arrival, and in cases of suspected COVID-19 we will lower this to just 24 hours notice.



When you arrive please don't be offended if we greet you wearing a face covering! This is nothing personal but is just to minimise any risk to yourself and other guests. In July the government gave the go-ahead for the two metre social distancing rule to be reduced to "one-metre-plus", which means that people are allowed to come within a metre of one another as long as they take additional precautions. Please see here for an explanation of the new rules.


The hallway and staircase of the Lodge is quite cramped, so it would be difficult to maintain the two metre social distancing recommendations, and we would be unable to help those of you who might have difficulty taking heavy luggage up the stairs. Adopting the one-metre-plus rule means that we can interact more normally with you, despite looking a bit scary !


To maintain social distancing between guests we will only be able to check in one room at a time, so if your arrival coincides with another party then we may have to ask you to wait in your car for a couple of minutes until we can assist you. Please be patient and we will be with you as soon as we can.


There will be a hand sanitising station in the hall and you will be asked to sanitise your hands before being shown to your room.

C O M I N G  A N D  G O I N G

Please sanitise your hands on the way in and the way out and whenever you feel the need. Communal areas such as hallways  and "touch-points" like door handles and bannisters will be cleaned and sanitised regularly, but please try to minimise the things that you touch on the way to and from your room and be considerate to other guests as you come and go.



Social distancing  obviously create issues for people eating in a communal dining area, especially a small one like ours, and we have had to review whether we should continue to serve breakfast in this way as things are at the moment.


While we could just fit three tables in our dining room at two metres apart this won't leave room for people to pass at a safe distance or for staff to wait on tables. In addition safety guidelines mean that we won't be able to provide any "communal" facilities like a toaster, self-serve cereals or a help-yourself coffee machine, so guests could end up waiting a while for different stages of their breakfast to be served. We've tried to think of ways round these problems, such as putting screens between tables or having staggered breakfast times, but we feel that it would be difficult to implement these measures effectively and would greatly detract from the breakfast experience.


So, how we can continue to offer a breakfast that guests can still enjoy..?


We've thought long and hard about this and have decided that our new, delicious breakfast boxes, served to guests in their rooms at a time of their choosing, are the best way to go in the current situation. Yes, we know you might miss your full-English (who wouldn't?), but we hope that having a bacon or sausage sandwich and other delicious breakfast goodies delivered to your door will go some way to make up for it. Plus you don't even have to get dressed to eat it ! :-)


We've provided an additional chair in each room so that two people can enjoy breakfast at the table provided.


C L E A N I N G  Y O U R  R O O M

Before you arrive your room will be cleaned in the following way:


  • Sheets will be washed according to manufacturers' guidelines,

  • Towels and face cloths will be washed at 60 degrees,

  • All hard surfaces, including tables, remotes, door handles, bathroom facilities, etc., will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner,

  • The windows will be opened to allow fresh air to circulate,

  • All 'consumables' (e.g. tea, coffee, biscuits) will be replaced with fresh ones,

  • Room keys will be sanitised.


Cleaners will wear gloves during the cleaning process and used linen will be collected and transported in bin-bags to prevent any unnecessary contact while passing through communal areas. Any rubbish will be collected in bin bags and disposed of in an outside bin.


If you are staying for more than one night we will ask if you are happy for us to enter and refresh your room during your stay.


I F  Y O U  F A L L  I L L  D U R I N G  Y O U R  S T A Y

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms during your stay you MUST let us know as soon as possible and isolate yourself in your room until further notice. We will then phone a health-care professional who can advise on the best course of action to take.


A F T E R  Y O U R  S T A Y


After you leave The Lodge we will keep your contact details for a minimum of 21 days so that the NHS Test and Trace scheme can contact you if necessary.


G E N E R A L  C O M M E N T S


These are difficult times for all of us. No-one has all the answers and we are all trying to muddle through as best we can. Please respect the right of others to protect themselves in whatever way they see fit, even if you don't share their view about the level of risk. We hope to make everyone feel as comfortable and as safe as possible during their stay at The Lodge. Anti-social behaviour which puts others at risk will not be tolerated and guests who behave in this way will be asked to leave.


Thank you for your co-operation, and we wish you a safe and pleasant stay here at The Lodge.


Lee & Marie

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